Pictures and New Camera

 - by Gretel

I got a new camera recently as an early birthday present.  It’s a used Pentax K100D digital SLR camera.  I forgot how much I really like having a real piece of glass in my hands, and a solid piece of machinery to take photos.  I bought this particular model to work with a Tamaron lens that I have from a film camera.  I plan to play around with the lens this weekend to see how I can get it to work with the new body.  The K100D did come with a digital lens specifically made for it, so I have already been taking some test shots.

As an example of what a good lens can do to a picture, here is a photo from our Sony point-and-shoot:

And here is what the same(ish) shot looks like with the new camera:

There’s quite a bit of depth in the picture that you just can’t achieve with a tiny lens.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures of Ilyana!

I have a tower.  It is bigger than me.

I can drink from a big cup all by myself.

Is it not nifty?