Pictures from Grandma and “Bapa”

 - by Gretel

Sorry for the delay in updating.  It’s been a crazy few weeks with lots of activity.  Ilyana has made some neat leaps, including jumping right out of the car at Grandma and Grandpa’s yelling “Bapa! Bapa!” instead of taking a day to warm up.  She’s also counting to three, and saying “eh-phan” when we pass a billboard of an elephant every day.  It’s trying at times with her emerging control issues, but we’re making it through.  Just don’t leave her with a crayon unsupervised…had to clean out of the teeth.

Thanks to Grandma Laurel for the pictures!!


I’m playing at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

Aren’t I the cutest?

We’re playing in the park now.

The rocks are the best to play with.  Mama wouldn’t let me eat them tho…

I got nice and clean later.  Baths are fun!

I got a drum to play with.  It was nice and loud.

Time to go, woof.  Bai!

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