More Words

 - by Gretel

Pictures are coming soon – we’ve had a busy few weeks, and haven’t been able to post.  We’re currently experiencing an explosion of words with Ilyana.  Some are things like naming body parts, items of clothing, or toys.  Others are sounds, which she uses to identify things.  (She’s saying ‘moo’ when she sees cows, and ‘woof’ when she sees dogs).  It seems that every day there is something new.

By far the most fun are the phrases.  We’ve got “up please,” “thank you,” and one of her new favorites, “I don’t know.”  (Actually, it’s “I non no,” but you get the idea.)

My favorite is the one she just came up with Thursday morning.  She ran into the dining room as I finished up breakfast and said “Mama, yuv you!”

Can’t beat that :).

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