Happy 6th Birthday!

 - by Gretel

And, we have a six year old.  Time really flies.  We’re now in the realm of loose teeth, active snow play, and everything being about fairness and rules.

We did something new with birthday Skyping and the various grandparents.  Ilyana loves to talk on Skype, so we set up individual times to talk, open presents, and share birthday wishes.  It was a lot of fun!  Evelyn even got in on one of the calls, and couldn’t stop exclaiming “Aan-PA, Aan-PA!” to Grandpa Jerry.

Spider Man was the big attraction of the year.  Ilyana is OBSESSED with Spider Man.  She goes between wanting to be Spider Man and wanting to marry Spider Man.  We’re rolling with it, and enjoying the obsession.

Enjoy the pictures!


First up was Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Laurel.


Ilyana cleaned up on the Spider Man gear from them.


Grandma Sue was next.  Here is Ilyana showing off her Spider Man watch; we are now informed of what time it is every three and a half minutes.


Ilyana was very excited to get the Brave movie from Grandma Sue.  We also got her the doll, so she has a red-haired kick-butt heroine to play with.


Grandma Ann wrapped up the day.  Ilyana got some fun clothes and gymnastics!  By this point, she was hamming it up a little.


Jeffrey wanted to broaden her superhero base a little, so we got her some Green Lantern gear.


Daddy also did a fantastic job on the Spider Man cake.


Ilyana was pretty happy!


Evelyn also approved.


Though she’s still figuring out the whole “talking heads on the computer” thing.IMGP8968

Happy Birthday, my capricious sweetheart!