What do you mean it’s October?

 - by Gretel

Well, September sure went fast.    I mean, really, school started just a couple weeks ago…oh well.  October is shaping up to be a very busy month, especially for me.  The best thing about October is that Evelyn will be going to daycare.  Daddy is very happy about this!  I’m happy too, since she’ll start getting more social interaction, and she loves playing with other kids.

In the meantime, she’s having some fun:

I’m copying you Daddy…

Hey, you moved!

I’m copying you!

She’s also decided sitting on her chair without the booster is better.  It means the food is closer to her mouth.

Lots of things are fun to sit in.

This is awesome, Mah!

Play is some serious business.

And we’ve brought out a few old favorite hats (and Monkey, of course, remains the best thing ever.)

Ilyana is doing well in school, and learning some things about being a good friend and following the rules.  As usual, she gets a bit carried away with her exuberant love for everyone.  We’re helping her understand when it’s time to play, and when it’s time to be focused.

But, she gets to be her joyful self quite a bit!

And do gymnastics too!

Happy October!