Summer fun continues!

 - by Gretel

We are in week four of Grandma Ann’s visit, and we continue to have a lot of fun outside.  The girls have had a great time playing in the yard, and since it’s still pretty hot, the sprinkler has nearly been a daily feature.  Since it’s also been dry, the backyard grass has definitely appreciated the moisture!

We also had the chance to go on a little road trip this weekend.  One of the Sisters at the convent recommended Lark Toy Store in Kellogg, MN.  It’s a quick hour and twenty up highway 61 on the Minnesota side.  There is a merry-go-round, a historic toy museum, and a toy store.  We had a great time.  One of the most interesting things about the visit is that a children’s choir stopped by on their lunch break, and gave a little impromptu concert.  40 or 50 kids from around the world sang three fun songs near the merry-go-round, and while Ilyana didn’t like the noise, Evelyn really enjoyed the experience.  Evelyn also LOVED the merry-go-round ride, with big smiles and giggles throughout.   Ilyana likes them as well, but manages to look terrified while having fun.

One of the greatest gifts Grandma has given us on this trip is her work in our gardens.  While Ilyana is at school, Grandma has been weeding out everything in the front garden, and almost everything from the back.  We are planning on seeding the front lawn this fall, and will be redoing the back as well.  She’s made an amazing difference in the beds during her visit, and it is much appreciated.

We’ll be able to enjoy Grandma Ann’s visit for another six days, and then she is off to the next leg of her trip.  It’s been great to have her here for a longer time; much more relaxed visiting and more time to just sit and hang out.


Backyard before.


And after.


Front before.


And after!  Thanks Grandma!

2012-07-21 11.37.22

Ilyana and Grandma, hamming it up outside Lark Toys.

2012-07-21 12.34.55

The merry-go-round!

2012-07-21 12.00.44

Lunchtime with Grandma.

2012-07-21 12.00.32

All the food belongs to me, momma.

2012-07-21 12.00.26

Except for my chicken nuggets!

2012-07-21 13.11.59

Evelyn loved the play area in the toy store – she held on to those three little tea cups under her chin for 45 minutes while playing…


The sprinkler, is of coures, awesome.


We’re finding new ways to play in the water.


Including splashing on the sidewalk.


Evelyn has also discovered the hostas…


…up close…


…and personal.  She’s definitely curious about the out doors.

Enjoy the rest of July!