Summer fun in hot weather

 - by Gretel

July is here and packing a sweltering punch in Wisconsin.  We’ve had a week of 95-105 degree weather, and it’s been very tough to be outside at all.  We attempted Riverfest, and poor Ilyana only lasted about an hour.   We’re managing to keep our spirits up.

One of the fun things is Grandma Ann’s visit.  She is staying in town for the whole month of July, which affords her lots of time with Ilyana and Evelyn.  There is a small but neat cottage on the edge of the marsh that she’s renting for the duration, and we are happy to have her here daily to play with the kids.  Evelyn has even decided that she’s okay (after a few days).

Grandma Ann brought a few fun things, including photo albums with her family and the young Stock family.  It’s spooky to see how much the children resemble different family members.  I’ll be photographing several pictures, and will share some here.

We also have a new addition to the back yard: a playhouse!  It’s been cool enough in the morning to get out and play. While it is technically for both girls, Evelyn has decided that since it is her size, obviously it belongs to her.  Teaching her to share has been an…interesting…experience.  Luckily for Ilyana, Evelyn wants nothing to do with the sprinkler!

Enjoy some photos below:


Sprinklers are great, even if it’s only cool enough to be outside at 8:30 am.


Running in and out!


Evelyn is trying to figure out why this screaming thing is fun.


A very wet (and happy) Ilyana.


Gimmie ten Grandma!


Evelyn has seen the new playhouse.


It’s just my size!


I’m going in now…


The stepping in part is still a work in progress.


But this part she figured out.


Gravity test in 3…2…




I’m gonna hang out here now.  Bai!