- by Gretel

May has flown by, as well as most of June.  It’s been busy here, with an active Evelyn leaving very little time for taking pictures!  I remember a similar time when Ilyana was little – we were too busy chasing her around to take a shot.  I’ll do my best to keep publishing photos as we shoot them.

We did have a great opportunity to take a road trip to Chicago earlier this month.  My friend Christina got married to her longtime partner Tanya.  We had a wonderful time catching up with friends, and while Evelyn didn’t last much past the ceremony, Ilyana made it through dinner like a champ.  Both girls did beautifully on the road as well; we credit finding an arrangement of the portable DVD player that allows both to see the screen!  The only side effect was a pretty nasty earworm of “Toot toot, chugga chugga, big red car!”

2012-06-02 16.21.23

We managed to get both girls to hold still long enough for a picture, though it wasn’t easy.  Here we are in our wedding clothes.

2012-06-02 19.06.44

And here’s Ilyana being a very good girl at the party.

We also got to go to Midsummer festival at Nordskedalen, near Coon Valley, WI.  It’s a Nordic heritage center set in a valley with beautiful trails and an old 1800s farmstead.  It’s a fascinating experience, complete with fjord horses, blacksmithing, and rope making.  Here’s Ilyana making some rope:

Evelyn wasn’t having much of the festivities, but enjoyed wandering around the grounds.

2012-06-24 13.20.37

She didn’t want to hold still for a picture either.

2012-06-24 13.20.47

She reeealy didn’t want to hold still.

2012-06-24 13.42.47

Though, she did sit at the picnic tables like a big girl and enjoy lunch with the rest of us.

Happy Midsummer!