Outside! (a mostly Evelyn update)

 - by Gretel

It is March 6th in Wisconsin, and it was 64 degrees out this afternoon.  Needless to say, we went outside.

Evelyn tried on sneakers for the first time, and after getting used not feeling the ground as much, she was off and running.

She took some time to figure out this new big world we were letting her walk around in.

She started exploring the back yard, and had some fun playing with Ilyana’s garden.

Ilyana had found her bubbles…

…so Evelyn got into it as well.

Then she discovered the front yard…

…and started off…

…and kept going!  I think she’s going to explore a lot of her new world over the next few months.

In other news, she tried bacon, and liked it.  She’s officially a Kupperman.


Finally, a little video.  Evelyn started exploring some toys from her birthday that we held back for a bit.  I thought Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Laurel would enjoy seeing her play with it for the first time. (And everyone else too!)