Breakfast with Wizard of Oz

 - by Gretel

Ilyana and I got to have a special morning today.  The awesome local children’s museum is having a Wizard of Oz exhibit, and they had actors dressed up as the characters.  Ilyana was beside herself talking to Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Tinman, and Lion.  She also enjoyed running around the children’s museum with a few less people there than normal.

The pictures didn’t turn out as nicely as I would have liked, but you can get an idea of the fun.


There was facepainting,


And breakfast, of course,


Ilyana enjoyed painting the walls of one of the exhibits.


Playing with Oz-themed puppets.


Meeting the characters, and showing her lion hand painting to the Lion.


Meeting the Tinman,


and Dorothy and Toto too!


One of my colleagues I met at the museum took a nice picture of her daughter (Dorothy) and Ilyana, just as Ilyana had given a paper basket to her.


And she insisted I get in on the picture action as well :).

I’ll share new pictures of Evelyn later…she’s currently trying to take the computer out of my hands.