Evelyn’s Birthday!

 - by Gretel

Today the littlest member of our family turns one!  Ten days late and after two days of labor, Evelyn decided to grace us with her presence.  She’s made up for her initial tardiness by grabbing life with both hands ever since.  Her stubbornness and determination is a great match for Ilyana’s bossiness and desire to do things her way.  We’ve had some interesting times already with the girls.

We celebrated Evelyn’s birthday much like Ilyana’s first birthday, with all the grandparents we could get our hands on.  Grandma Ann, Grandma Sue, Grandma Laurel and Grandpa Jerry were all there.  We also were joined by my nephew and his girlfriend, which made for a very busy house.

Evelyn cleaned up pretty well with presents, and had a great time putting all the wrapping paper in her mouth.  Cake was not high on her list of good things, but I’m sure that will change with time!

The full set of pictures from multiple cameras is on Flickr, but a few of our favorites are below.


Big stash for a little kid!


So the game is tearing the paper…I can handle that.


Tags are very tasty too (and the bear is awesome!)


I fit in the box!


They put this bow on my head for some reason.IMGP8431

But there’s lots of stuff to chew on.


I got a nifty sweater too.

Ipod 057

And more stuff to chew on.

Ipod 058

My sister helped me out a lot.


Then they gave me this white stuff.


It’s okay, but more fun to play with than eat.

Ipod 055

Oh, you have to go?

Ipod 061

That’s ok, I have this big guy to play with.