Ilyana birthday pictures and videos (long post)

 - by Gretel

This is my birthday party. First I played with all my grandparents.

Great-grandpa Bernie is fun.

This is Grandma Ann. I liked her necklace. It was tasty.

This is Grandma Sue. She likes to clap, so I played with her.

Grandma Laurel brought Grandpa Jerry so I could play on him.

See, told you.

Are we done with family pictures yet?

After playing, we had cake.


Everybody sang. I don’t know why exactly.

Do I get cake?

I get cake!

This is cake?

I guess it’s okay.

After cake came lots of pretty packages.

Ooo, shiny.

I like the paper.

It was the bestest!

I also got a puzzle. The pieces are tasty.

I got a bus from my Uncle Matthew, Aunt Amy and cousins Michael and Evan. I play with it a lot. It has doors. And people. The people are tasty.

I got a book too. Mommy won’t let me eat the pages.

I can eat these though. Grandma said so.

It was a busy day. I wore out Grandpa.

Thanks for the party!

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