Car trips and more car trips

 - by Gretel

So, we’ve been a little busy lately!  The move to Wisconsin is complete, we’re getting closer to work being completed on the house to make it livable (read, new floors, paint, and a dishwasher), and we’re starting to get settled as a family in the area.   The time we spent apart is feeling more and more distant.  In some ways, it feels like I wasn’t really up here without them, and I suppose in some ways, I wasn’t.

Now that all the five hour road trips are done, we decided to relax….with another road trip.  Okay, so I had a meeting up in Ashland, and decided to make a weekend of it up in Superior.  It was really neat to be up in the hometown again, even if only for a few days.

From here out for the summer, we have to finish getting the dishwasher installed, get a new roof and a garage door, and do a minor amount of garden work.  Other than that, we’re just going to hang out and enjoy living in the house.  Oh, and get ready for Bob(by’s) arrival in October!

Here are two sets of pictures, one which Chibi took herself, and one of our time in Superior.  Enjoy!