Busy Times

 - by Gretel

It’s been a busy couple of weeks! We’ve been in the midst of daily life, but managed to get some fun in too.

Grandma Laurel and Grandpa Jerry took Ilyana on a farm trip recently. Her class went to Johansen Farms to see animals, go on a hayride, and pick pumpkins.  They had a great time, and we are so grateful that they could come down.  Grandma Laurel’s pictures are here.

We’ve also been getting ready for Halloween, which includes carving pumpkins!  Ilyana was all ready to help until she saw the inside.  But she did pick what went on each pumpkin.  We have a sad face, a happy face, and a silly face.  She even picked the shapes of all the features.  It was a good time.  Pictures are here.

We’re looking forward to Halloween next week, and playing again in the Ponyo costume.  I think we’ll need tights and a long-sleeved shirt for underneath, but we’ll manage.  I wouldn’t be any different than trick-or-treating in snow boots growing up – I’ll just be the one huddling in a coat while she runs laughing down the street!

A few more pics from daily life can be found below.  She just keeps surprising us most days.


gretelsk's October 2009 photoset gretelsk’s October 2009 photoset