Month: November 2014

And we’re 4 now!

 - by Gretel

Time marches on here, with life getting busier by the moment.  The girls are getting bigger, work is busy, and we seem to add a few more activities each week.  We are making it through, though, and enjoying our moments together.  Ilyana is doing very well in second grade, and both girls are trying out gymnastics.  It’s fun to have some big kid activities starting for both of them.

In other news, Evelyn is four!  She is very excited to be four “all year long.”  She keeps asking if she’s going to be four tomorrow. I love how her mind is trying to wrap around how we mark time.

Enjoy the pictures!

Happy birthday girl!

We are very much into pink this year, but Pikachu was a notable exception.


She really enjoyed the butterfly outfit and Rapunzel’s that Grandma Laurel and Grandpa Jerry sent.


And then there’s the Frozen PJs from Grandma Ann (along with a little Hello Kitty that went to school with us today)

2014-11-09 15.04.43

2014-11-09 15.28.55

We have new gymnastics clothes from Grandma Sue too, and the gymnastics lesson.

party 2



We had cake and fun with some friends too (and there was much silliness)


We called this the “compromise cake” since big sister can’t stand chocolate (and there’s no way we can eat a cake without Ilyana’s help)

Overall, it was a great birthday weekend.


Big sister was even a good sport.

Oh, and we also had Halloween, but I didn’t post pictures.  Here’s a great visual of the difference between the girls right now:


Yep, it’s Rapunzel and the Grim Reaper.

Stay warm in the months ahead!