Month: January 2014

Another birthday!

 - by Gretel

We now have a seven year old.  I can’t believe its been seven years since our little redhead entered our lives.  She is lively, passionate, and creative.  She loves school, and has discovered telling stories and writing notes.  It’s exciting to see her grow and change.

For her birthday, she received many wonderful gifts from her grandparents.  The shrieks of excitement could have broken crystal, had we any in the house.  We had to wait until after school and dinner to open presents, so she danced around quite a bit.  I think you’ll see how excited she was in the pictures below.


Grandma Sue sent along Spider Man sheets, which Ilyana is currently sleeping on.


She also got a big castle Lego set, which she and daddy will be building this weekend.

Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Laurel got Ilyana her very first Barbie dolls.   She was delighted with Teacher Barbie, who has a little student, and was very interested to see how the dogs with the Dog Walker Barbie moved.



She was also very excited to get one of the new bracelet looms, as the picture shows.


Grandma Ann was kind enough to send a gift which will give Ilyana time at the community theatre’s acting studio, and got her a shopping trip at the local comic books shop.  Both have her very excited.

We got Ilyana a few more Spider-Man toys (because, you know, Spider-Man is awesome), and I made her a special gift.


It’s a little big, but it’s fuzzy and warm!

Daddy also did a great job decorating her cake.


Which she loved.



Evelyn didn’t mind it either.

Happy birthday, my dear!