Month: October 2013

Halloween 2013!

 - by Gretel

It’s Halloween, which means dressing up for lots of candy and fun.   This year Ilyana decided to be an old-school Vampire, so Evelyn became her Vampire Bat.  It got very cold through trick-or-treating, but that’s why we make costumes out of polar fleece.  Grandma Ann joined us for the fun, and had a great time on the chilly walk.

And here is what I’m sure most of you are interested in: the photos!


The Vampire and her Bat.


Grandma Ann enjoyed the fun too.


We were also joined by our friend Stella.


Ilyana enjoyed hamming it up for the camera and saying “Muah hah hah!”


Evelyn enjoyed the candy and riding in the wagon.


She was a hit with the neighbors.


There were a couple of scary displays that she wasn’t as happy with…


They also had a great time handing out candy to the kids later.


We also made pumpkins, which I carved after the girls drew on them.  I’d show you how they looked tonight, but the squirrels have binged on the pumpkins in the neighborhood, and they look pretty gruesome now.

Happy Halloween!