Month: August 2013

Ohio Road Trip

 - by Gretel

I am very fortunate to still have my grandmother with us.  Tomorrow, August 8th, she turns 99.   Grandma Louise is a hell of a woman, and still has her sparky personality.

Until recently, Grandma hadn’t met Evelyn in person, and it had been quite some time since she saw Ilyana.  I decided to take the opportunity to go and visit with the girls.  My mom hit the road with us, so we had a five-day girls trip to Ohio.

While ten hours in the car is never fun, it was so worth it.  The girls were great, and were pretty taken with Grandma Louise.  Grandma had a good time watching our little balls of energy light up her house, and was equally relieved when I took them out for a few outings :).

I am so glad we went, though we are all still recovering.  I am also very grateful to Mom for making it both possible to go, and easy to do!

2013-08-01 09.26.06

I love rest areas with playground equipment!

2013-08-01 09.25.42

As did the girls.


We had a good time together once we got to Grandma Louise’s house.


The girls were good troopers.

2013-08-03 10.38.50

We also found a neat science museum in Newark called “The Works.”

2013-08-03 11.01.41

The hands-on play was great.

2013-08-03 10.56.58

You can’t see it from this angle, but there was a heat-sensing camera that had Ilyana fascinated.


And, of course, we had great visiting time with Grandma.


She had fun watching us shuck corn for dinner.


And we had the chance to take a few photos (despite the goofy faces).


We couldn’t quite get everyone smiling at the same time…


Or keeping their eyes open…but we had fun.

2013-08-05 09.27.52

As a bonus, we stopped at the Brookfield Zoo on the way back.  It was a great way to wear out the girls for the long afternoon drive home.


Love you, Grandma Louise!