Month: December 2012

Thanksgiving Trip

 - by Gretel

We had a lovely Thanksgiving this year, though the location was a bit further afield than we are used to.  Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Laurel moved to Texas, so we decided to take the opportunity to visit their new digs.  After over 19 hours of driving in a (very comfortable) rental van, we arrived to celebrate.  We figured out that this was the 14th Thanksgiving we’ve shared together, mostly in Oconomowoc, but also in Westmont (the year Ilyana was due) and La Crosse (the year Evelyn was born).  I think this may be the last Thanksgiving drive to Texas, but we’ll still find ways to be together.

Below are some pictures from the trip.  We’ve been spoiled for so many years with the great pictures Grandma Laurel has taken; it’s nice to have some of her shots to share again.

Jeffrey had a birthday in-between now and then, so think some birthday thoughts for him!


It was very sunny and warm in Texas, around 70 degrees one day, then in the 50s and 60s for the rest of the visit.


We all had fun at a local park.


Ilyana enjoyed being adventurous,


and was a great equipment-surfer!


Evelyn enjoyed climbing around as much as she could, which was quite a bit as it turns out.  She’s pretty adventurous too.


“You want me to what?”  (I think she gets that look from Daddy).


Thanksgiving itself was a fun time, with some additions to the table.  Evelyn isn’t sure if she likes this family photo thing.


Ilyana had lots of time at the table with Grandma and Grandpa.  She even tried turkey again.  (“Yuck”).


Overall, we had a great time playing,


And smiles were had by all!