Month: May 2012

Last visit to the Oconomowoc house

 - by Gretel

Grandma Laurel and Grandpa Jerry took some great pictures on the last weekend we spent in Oconomowoc.  They will be packing up their last bags shortly for the trip to their new house on the south side of the country.  It was a bittersweet visit, with the girls having a ton of fun, and all of us relishing the many memories of the house on Timberline Court.

Enjoy the photos!


Playing on the bed rocked!


Evelyn’s favorite thing was jumping on Grandpa (after landing face-first on the bed multiple times)


Ilyana had a good time jumping on Grandma too.

They visited a little children’s museum/play area in Delafield:


(You know she’s wondering if she can get Grandpa’s glasses…)


She had lots of fun with the toys in the toddler area.


But the block pit was the best…


…though she took a moment to talk on the phone.

Ilyana decided that playing dress-up was the best, and she chose some interesting costumes, including:


…Captain Hook and…


…drill sargeant…in a lady bug…something.  Very creative :).


But a great time was had by all!


 - by Gretel

Grandma Laurel gave Ilyana a musical toy flowerpot that plays “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” when you press a button, complete with dancing flowers. It was Grandpa Bernie’s, and Ilyana has always been fascinated with it.

At bath time, Evelyn has a little game of playing the music and messing with the dancing flowers. Ilyana has come to want Evelyn playing in her room (we’ll see how long that lasts), so this is a go-to activity during the time I’m prepping the bath.

Jeffrey captured this video of Evelyn adding a little dance to the works. Apparently, she likes the bugle calls a whole lot more than the rest of the song! She figured out how to stop the music and start it again to hear her favorite part.