Month: April 2012

 - by Gretel

Here’s Ilyana sharing a little of what she learned in school with Grandma Sue:

Windy Day Fun

 - by Gretel

Evelyn had a bit of fun on our most recent windy day.


 - by Gretel

It’s been a bit of a weird spring around here, what with 70s in March and 30s in April.  The garden exploded, then shivered, and is back to cautiously growing again.  We’re thinking about what we want to do outside this season, and enjoying some bike riding, walking, and playing in the yard.

It’s the last few weeks of the spring semester at work, and things are very busy.  Everyone gets a bit crabby around campus, so I’m doing my best to keep smiling!  Jeffrey is also finishing teaching his first seven week class in the area, and has another class lined up for the summer.  Never a dull moment!

Here are some pictures of what we’ve been up to:


Ilyana and I did some egg dying around Easter, since she really wanted to try it out.


She really enjoyed watching the process, though was a bit reluctant to work with hot water.


Grandma Laurel and Grandpa Jerry came up this weekend for their last visit before moving to Austin, TX.  We’ll make one final trip to Oconomowoc soon.


Playing outside and taking “wander walks” is a lot of fun for both girls.  It takes about 20 minutes to get up and down the block, since the little miss likes exploring everything.


Rocks are particularly awesome.


Dandelions are too!


But you can’t beat the backyard puddle.


Which provides lots…


…and lots of amusement.


Evelyn really enjoys being outside.

Happy Spring!