Month: February 2012

Learning and trying

 - by Gretel

Some of you know that we’ve been having some challenges with Evelyn and her food. She’s had reflux since she was born, and she’s three to four months behind on her food adoption. She’s healthy, a good weight, and growing fine, but she’s still eating pureed food to the exclusion of other textures. Add to that a pretty strong gag reflex, and eating is not as much fun for her.

On the suggestion of an awesome doctor, we went to a speech language pathologist to get a feeding evaluation. Basically, we wanted to find out if anything mechanical was going on that would keep her from eating normally. The good news is that she’s 100% normal; she’s also extremely bright and observant, which means she’s watching really carefully for what food goes in her mouth. Makes it harder to sneak in things :).

The best advice we got from the evaluation was to incorporate utensils into Evelyn’s play time, and to put utensils and foods on her plate for her to play with at every meal. This child has had absolutely no interest in utensils for eating previously, but has made remarkable progress in just a few days. She’s now playing with spoons at the table and is willing to touch and mash foods with her hands. We’ve been advised to let her play, and forget about the mess.

So, the upshot of this is the video below. I was holding Evelyn and getting ready to dish out some mashed potatoes, and she went for the spoon. I let her, and imagine my surprise when she wanted to feed me! She even said “mmm” when the food was in my mouth, just like we do for her. She also put the spoon in her own mouth, which was a first. While it was messy and a little gross (and thank goodness it was bath night), I couldn’t be happier. It was funny as hell though.


February update

 - by Gretel

I’ve not posted in a while, and there are two very good reasons:

Reason One:

And Reason Two:

Sorry for the lapse :). We’ll hopefully be able to get some more photos up in the future.