Month: July 2011

Lock up your power cords

 - by Gretel

Evelyn has discovered the power of crawling. Sure, it’s more like dragging at present, but she’s a lot happier with being on the floor now that she can move. She’s also still figuring out how to drag herself up on things, or what to do when she gets what she wants.

Despite all the lovely things around the house for her, the current obsession for the little one is power cords and the base of the rotating fan in the living room. The speed at which she can move is pretty amazing. The video below shows one such attempt at about half her top speed. She got a bit distracted by Ilyana getting in her way protecting her own toys!

Quick update

 - by Gretel

July is still very busy! Somehow our summer gets away from us with travel, barbeques, and work meetings. I’ve said to several colleagues that while the library itself is quiet, we are as busy as we are during the regular semester.

Grandma Ann is in town, and she’s been helping with projects like making pickles, weeding out our horrible back garden, and sorting through baby clothing. You may remember the following outfit that Ilyana wore once for a picture:

This was an outfit of mine when I was a kid. Evelyn is already way too big for it, but we had to take a picture anyway!

She’s been having fun with Grandma here, and Ilyana has had some wonderful special times too.


Enjoy the rest of summer!


 - by Gretel

Some days, there is just a whole lot of cute going on!