Month: January 2011

Daily Life

 - by Gretel

As always, things are busy here. It’s hard to remember to document a few of the daily happenings around the house. Jeffrey is busy with the girls all day, and me getting home from work means we do dinner, bath/PJs, nighttime shows, books, nighttime for Ilyana, bottle, nighttime for Evelyn, and then it’s after 9:00! Needless to say, we are doing more sleeping than anything else in the evenings. Evelyn is getting 5 to 8 hours a night, so sometimes we get lucky and have a full night of sleep.

Here are few “slice of life” photos!


Daddy and his girls, hanging out at night.


Ilyana likes some of Evelyn’s toys more than Evelyn does.


Evelyn is now starting to touch and grab at things.  This little crab is one of her favorites because of the different textures and small parts.


Thoughtful Evelyn…


Is this going to eat me Mommy?


Ilyana wasn’t happy that I vetoed (yet another) really goofy gross picture.


Ilyana loves helping her little sister learn things.


A few days with Evelyn

 - by Gretel

It’s been a very busy time since the new year and Ilyana’s birthday.  I spent six days in San Diego for a mentoring seminar and the Midwinter conference of the American Library Association.  Evelyn came with me, and was a great companion.  She even slept six hours a night!

Now that we are back in Wisconsin, school has started up again at Viterbo, and life has gotten much busier.  I had forgotten how much work little ones are, and how much time you don’t have for anything but the most basic necessities (food, baths, bedtime, etc.).

Evelyn is growing by leaps and bounds.  Best of all, her little personality is showing up more and more.  She smiles and coos a lot, and likes to blow bubbles.  She is both mellow and cheerful, which is a lot of fun.

Here are a few videos of her, enjoy!

Happy Birthday Ilyana!

 - by Gretel

Holy cow, we have a four year old!  It seems like just yesterday she was born, and now she is having full conversations.

We had presents and cake at home today with Grandma Ann and Grandma Sue on Skype.  Evelyn slept through most of it, which was nice for Ilyana.   Below are some pictures of the festivities.  There were no clear favorites, but the hand-painted Monkey King mask made by Daddy was a big hit.

4th Birthday!

The presents from the Grandmas and Mom and Dad.

4th Birthday!

Our remote partygoers!

4th Birthday!

Ilyana has been eyeing this weeble-wobble tower for some time, and was thrilled to get it.

4th Birthday!

She’s already been serving us tea and treats on her new tea set.

4th Birthday!

Grandma Ann gave her a number of lovely outfits, which she adores.  I wonder where she got the clothes horse gene from?

4th Birthday!

We gave her a suncatcher kit and a garden stone kit.  We’ve already made the suncatchers.

4th Birthday!

Obligatory singing birthday cake shot!

4th Birthday!

And excited cake recipient!

4th Birthday!

Making wishes (she requested the cake colors, and the flowers.)

4th Birthday!

A close-up of the beautiful mask Jeffrey painted.

Happy birthday kiddo.  We wish you many, many more.