Month: December 2010

Visit with Grandma Ann

 - by Gretel

We’re having a lovely visit with Grandma Ann here.  Ilyana is enjoying the attention, and Evelyn is getting used to another new voice.  We’ve made some holiday cookies, gone to the children’s museum, and in general spent time avoiding being outside much!  The weather has been very cold, especially after the big load of snow we got.  Mom is enjoying a trip to the northland despite the cold, and in fact may be enjoying it more than her usual heat in Durham!

Evelyn is starting to get some fun expressions.  There are a whole bunch of pictures below of some of them, and more can be found at my flickr photostream (click here).  More later!


Getting ready for school with Grandma.


Ilyana being a good big sister and entertaining Evelyn.


Grandma and Evelyn


Grandma and Ilyana


A rare Daddy sighting (in pictures at least).


Baking Cookies!


Ilyana is very good at rolling the balls in sugar.


Mom and Gretel

And now…an Evelyn series:


My hat, it is rather large.  I’d really like use of my hands about now.


Who’s this?


Mmm, bubbles.  Tasty tasty bubbles.


I think I’m related to the big one.IMGP7825

Bored now…

IMGP7820Oh hai!


Hey, can I eat that?  No?  How about now?  Now?

Another little comparison

 - by Gretel

Evelyn was sleeping today, and her head and hat position reminded me of her sister.

Here’s Evelyn:IMGP7818

And here’s Ilyana:

Of course, Ilyana mastered the baby!ninja art of hat-fu to a larger degree:

But Evelyn is trying, even though this is more like blanket-fu:


We also noticed looking through the pictures that Evelyn is in clothing that Ilyana was wearing at eight weeks.  Mostly, it’s due to her head size and the length of her legs.  Ilyana has always been a size behind in bottoms.  But, we’re going through the cute outfits faster than I’d hoped!  Hopefully the seasons will continue to match up for clothing.

Mobile updates

 - by Gretel

We got new phones (and new numbers if you need them).  One of the neat features of the Androids we got is an app for our blog.  That means we can update with pictures on the go, if we so desire.

Yes, we are geeks.  You haven’t figured that out yet?

Here are a couple pictures of some lovely winter gifts from Grandma Ann and the girls.  Enjoy!