Month: November 2009

November Update

 - by Gretel

Another month has rolled by, another post for the blog.  For some reason, it’s getting harder and harder to post!

We’ve been a bit under the weather here, with Ilyana getting roseola and an ear infection, followed by “Sith” eye for Jeffrey (that’s pinkeye for those of you who are uninitiated to the mind of Jeffrey).  Overall, it’s been a long month, but we’re looking forward to Thanksgiving in Wisconsin.

Here are some pictures of what Ilyana has been up to:November 2009

This is my Daddy and Mommy (she directed me on what to draw for each)

November 2009

Howdy! (Hats are no longer evil)

November 2009

(Yes, she did that herself)

November 2009

I’m helping.  (Yes, she actually was)

November 2009

I like building, just like Mommy.