Month: August 2009

Summer Life and School Supplies

 - by Gretel

Another month has gone by in a flash, and so finally here is another update.  We’ve been very busy with a visit from Grandma Sue, and a trip to Ohio to celebrate Grandma Louise’s 95th birthday.  Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera to Grandma’s party, but I promise to share those once I track down my Uncle for his photos.

Our other adventure has been buying school supplies.  Ilyana will be starting preschool in two weeks, and I was surprised at how much stuff was needed.  Six stores and two online purchases later, we had our items.  I won’t go into the drama of trying to find twelve count crayola crayons when all the stores only carry eight and twenty-four.

Enjoy the pictures!

Mommy cam!

I have a seat.  It is comfy.

I also have a new backpack.

It is the best!

Grandma Ann gave me a nice little dolly.

I need a rain coat and rain pants for school…

…and a school backpack!

I also need this stuff too.

I’m not sure why I need towels though.