Month: June 2009

Much-delayed update

 - by Gretel

Sorry it’s been a month since I updated.  It’s amazing how busy things can get, even without school getting in the way.  Truth to be told, I did finish my last paper on Memorial Day, and have been running full-speed at work since then.  So I guess I have a little excuse.

I’m on vacation this week (hooray!) and have as much nothing as possible planned.  Time to update the website, obviously.  Here are some pictures that go back to the week of May 15th and come through Fathers Day.  Enjoy!

(Bubbles in the backyard, taken by our friend Keith.)

Bubbles are the best!

If I blow over here, I’ll help Mama make a bubble.

Big bubble!

(Giggles after the pop)

This is Henry.  I’m sharing ALL of my stuffed toys.

Henry liked my toys.

Woo hoo!  I’m taller than someone!

This is my new doggy, Woof Woof.

Totoro ROAR!

Grandma Ann made me the best apron, just my size.


I gave Daddy a sticker for Father’s Day.  I wore one too, just for him.