Month: April 2009

Easter/Passover visit to Baba and Yia Yia’s

 - by Gretel

Okay, so it’s a few weeks late, but here are pictures from our Easter/Passover visit to Grandma Laurel’s and Grandpa Jerry’s.

Oh, hi!

I’m in the bath.

Isn’t it great!

Am I not pretty?

Drying off is fun too.

Moo PJs!

Sumo toddler!!!!


My future’s so bright…

“Cool!” (yes, she says that, with the thumbs up)

Bedtime Reading with Daddy

 - by Gretel

Every night Ilyana gets three books before bed.  We only had to limit it to three because otherwise it becomes a delaying tactic :).  There are some books Ilyana really gets into, like Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? by Dr. Seuss.


Visit with Grandma Sue

 - by Gretel

We had a fabulous visit two weeks ago with Grandma Sue.  We were so happy she could come to see us, especially after she got snowed in Oregon over the winter holidays.  It just so happened that her spring break coincided with both of Jeffrey’s!   Ilyana stayed home for a few days to play, and I took time to go visit the Kohl Children’s Museum (which is where the water pictures are below).  We also visited the Brookfield Zoo.

The quilt in the pictures is a fabulous creation based off of “The Very Hungry Catapillar” by Eric Carle.  It’s one of Ilyana’s favorite books, and she was so happy to have a special present from Grandma Sue.  She’s still sleeping happily under it!

Enjoy the pictures!