Month: January 2009

Ilyana’s second birthday

 - by Gretel

We celebrated Ilyana’s second birthday today a couple days late, but with a visit from “Bapa and Yia yia” Kupperman.  Ilyana had a lot of fun opening her presents, and had very big eyes for the cake.  We were also joined remotely by “Yia yia Sue” in Oregon for presents and singing.

So far she likes all her gifts, but is especially gravitating towards the Max doll we bought her (from her favorite show “Max and Ruby”) and the stacking blocks from Great Aunt Sheila.  Thanks go as well to all the Grandmas and to Grandpa, as well as Aunt Amy and Uncle Matthew.

There were so many pictures that I couldn’t do a comment post, so you can get to the whole set on Flickr at:

Here’s some video as well from present opening:

As a bonus, there are Thanksgiving 2008 pictures here: