Month: January 2009

New Word and Pictures

 - by Gretel

So Ilyana has a new word that promises to make things interesting.  Daddy discovered the word two days ago on bath night:

“Ilyana, are you done with the bath?”


‘Almost’ has replaced her other delaying tactics as the new thing to do.  We’re working on giving her different options that are more specific!

Hi!  I’m trying new things…

…like standing up…

…and crouching down…

…and sitting down too.

I’m also trying spagettios.  They are tasty.

Buddy and I are watching our stories.

I have a new game too! It is the bestest.

Pictures and New Camera

 - by Gretel

I got a new camera recently as an early birthday present.  It’s a used Pentax K100D digital SLR camera.  I forgot how much I really like having a real piece of glass in my hands, and a solid piece of machinery to take photos.  I bought this particular model to work with a Tamaron lens that I have from a film camera.  I plan to play around with the lens this weekend to see how I can get it to work with the new body.  The K100D did come with a digital lens specifically made for it, so I have already been taking some test shots.

As an example of what a good lens can do to a picture, here is a photo from our Sony point-and-shoot:

And here is what the same(ish) shot looks like with the new camera:

There’s quite a bit of depth in the picture that you just can’t achieve with a tiny lens.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures of Ilyana!

I have a tower.  It is bigger than me.

I can drink from a big cup all by myself.

Is it not nifty?

Playing in the Snow…Finally!

 - by Gretel

We’ve been waiting to get Ilyana out in the “nyoh” since we got our first dose of the white stuff earlier this year.  However, it’s either been too cold, raining, or the snow has disappeared too quickly.  But this weekend, there was enough snow coming down that Daddy and Ilyana could play outside.  Here are some pics and video for you!

Hi!  Say hello to my little friend.


It’s fun to play with…

…and fun to throw.

Are you watching Daddy?

nyoh = snow
*sound like a squalling cat* = help
daeee = Daddy