Month: December 2008

Pictures from a week at home

 - by Jeffrey

I’ve been at home with Ilyana this week, and we’ve had some interesting times.

Hi!  I have boots!

Ooo, what’s this?

I think I like it.

Yep, I like it!

I’m all dressed up for Christmas dinner.


What…I need a belt.

K, go ‘way, I’m busy.

(She really didn’t want this picture taken.  I had to take it from the kitchen.  One more week of Daddy-sitting to go.)

What a party…

 - by Gretel

Ilyana has been home with Daddy all week so far, and she’s been having a crazy time :).

Just a reminder – for those of you looking for present pictures, you’ll need to wait until January 3rd when we’re celebrating Ilyana’s birthday.

Happy Holidays!


What?  I couldn’t find a lampshade.


Dude, this isn’t a lampshade either…


Visit from Cousin Ben

 - by Gretel

Oh, hi!

My cousin Ben was here last week.

He plays fun games.  One…



Ben takes naps with me and Daddy.

Okay, gotta run!