Month: October 2008

Happy Halloween!

 - by Gretel

We didn’t go trick or treating, and it was too cold for “Boo at the Zoo,” but Ilyana had fun playing in her costume all afternoon! (Thanks for the costume, Lisa.)


I’m having fun as Raggedy Ann.

Oh, I’m supposed to do something now…

I can has candy?

See my wig?

I’m not sure why I needed it though…

Pictures from Grandma and “Bapa”

 - by Gretel

Sorry for the delay in updating.  It’s been a crazy few weeks with lots of activity.  Ilyana has made some neat leaps, including jumping right out of the car at Grandma and Grandpa’s yelling “Bapa! Bapa!” instead of taking a day to warm up.  She’s also counting to three, and saying “eh-phan” when we pass a billboard of an elephant every day.  It’s trying at times with her emerging control issues, but we’re making it through.  Just don’t leave her with a crayon unsupervised…had to clean out of the teeth.

Thanks to Grandma Laurel for the pictures!!


I’m playing at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

Aren’t I the cutest?

We’re playing in the park now.

The rocks are the best to play with.  Mama wouldn’t let me eat them tho…

I got nice and clean later.  Baths are fun!

I got a drum to play with.  It was nice and loud.

Time to go, woof.  Bai!

Hanging with Henry

 - by Gretel

My very good friend Samantha had a little boy about eight weeks ago.  Ilyana and I visited him about a month ago, and I’m just now getting the pictures up (sorry Samantha!).

Ilyana did very well with Mommy holding a little baby.  She did want to be with me quite a bit that afternoon though…