Month: June 2008

Knitting Project

 - by Gretel

A friend asked me to post a knitting project I was working on, since I couldn’t adequately describe it in words.  If you don’t knit, trust me, you won’t be interested.  If you do, check it out.

Click Here!

And for those of you waiting for more pictures, I promise, they’re coming in a day or so.

Pictures 6-5-08

 - by Gretel

Sorry it’s been a while since we’ve posted!  Things were a bit crazy there after the wedding, but I think we have our feet under us now.

Hi!  I like to swing!

I really like to swing.

I really really like to swing.

Swinging is fun (still fun 20 minutes later).

I like climbing too.

Can you follow me?

I’m getting better at eating too (nom nom nom)!