Month: May 2008

Last Pictures from Wedding

 - by Gretel

Tim’s best friend took some fantastic pictures while at the wedding.

My brother and me.


Mommy left me outside with Uncle Bill.

I’m not sure I like this.

Mommy? (followed by two minutes of crying in the “why did you leave me alone” voice)

What’s this?

Nom nom nom.

Whee!  Daddy Chair!

Photos from Durham Wedding

 - by Gretel

So, we got lots of great pictures in Durham at my brother’s wedding.  I’ve loaded many of my pictures here, and will post a few extra pictures from others that are cute enough for the family blog!

I’m trying a new gallery technology here, so please let me know what you think of it.  Click on a picture to view it, and press Esc to get out of the slideshow.


Pictures and Video 5/7/08

 - by Gretel

Oh, hi!  Mommy made me a hat.

I got a neat new toy too, from my friend Sharon.

How does this work again?

(Anyone who has seen a woman in the Matesich line stand and consider something has seen this pose.  Her hands are folded back on her hips, just like Mommy, Grandma and Great-Grandma.  It’s kind of creepy actually!)

Ilyana gets back Daddy for putting his head on her pillow.