Month: March 2008

Pictures 3-15-08

 - by Gretel

Thanks to Grandma Laurel for the pictures!


I love baths!

I like books too.

I’m reading to Grandpa.

I went swimming too.  I’m not sure how this is different from a bath.

I can swim too.  Mommy didn’t believe me when I wanted to do it myself.

See?  I can do it myself!

(Mommy’s note – swim lessons are definitely on the agenda for miss “I want to crawl into the deep end.”)

Pictures Update – 3/2/08

 - by Gretel


I have books.  I’m a speed reader.

This is my Daddy prop.

This is my Mommy chair.

This is…a….chair.

Hee hee, I’m so silly.

(Yep, she’s one of ours…)