Month: January 2008

Ilyana birthday pictures and videos (long post)

 - by Gretel

This is my birthday party. First I played with all my grandparents.

Great-grandpa Bernie is fun.

This is Grandma Ann. I liked her necklace. It was tasty.

This is Grandma Sue. She likes to clap, so I played with her.

Grandma Laurel brought Grandpa Jerry so I could play on him.

See, told you.

Are we done with family pictures yet?

After playing, we had cake.


Everybody sang. I don’t know why exactly.

Do I get cake?

I get cake!

This is cake?

I guess it’s okay.

After cake came lots of pretty packages.

Ooo, shiny.

I like the paper.

It was the bestest!

I also got a puzzle. The pieces are tasty.

I got a bus from my Uncle Matthew, Aunt Amy and cousins Michael and Evan. I play with it a lot. It has doors. And people. The people are tasty.

I got a book too. Mommy won’t let me eat the pages.

I can eat these though. Grandma said so.

It was a busy day. I wore out Grandpa.

Thanks for the party!

Happy Birthday Ilyana!

 - by Jeffrey

Ilyana is one year old today!  We will have pictures and movies from her birthday party up shortly.  Thanks everyone for your support and good wishes over the past eventful year.