Month: January 2008

Pictures Update 1-28-08

 - by Gretel

I had a busy weekend…

I helped with grocery shopping.

I found a new way to lie on Daddy.

See, I can sit up!

I fell though.

I held on tighter the next time.

This is from my first haircut.


Oh, yeah. I stood up too, all by myself.

K, bye!

Pictures Update 1-23-08

 - by Gretel

This is my fort.

It is the bestest!

Only I can get out of my fort.


Apples are yummy.

I stole it from Daddy.

This is my new trick…

I do it a lot.

Can I eat that?

One shoe…

…one sock…

…and one foot!  Whee!

Two steps!!

 - by Gretel

Ilyana took two whole steps tonight, totally unassisted!  It was from Daddy’s footstool to Mommy on the couch, and she smiled soooo wide before falling into Mommy’s arms.

When she does it regularly, we’ll catch it on video.