Five Months Later

 - by Gretel

Yes, it’s been a while. Sorry about that. Someone was sick in the house continuously from November to May, and the spring term was incredibly busy. I think I only took a few photos during those months.

Hopefully, these two videos will help make up for that! Evelyn and Ilyana are featured singing their absolute favorite songs of the moment.

This song is something they sing at Evelyn’s school-based daycare as a morning activity. It’s “Hello, How Are You?”, sung to the tune of “Skip to my Loo.” Evelyn will sing this to us all the time at home. And if you don’t answer that you’re happy, she’ll keep asking until you are happy!

This video is Ilyana’s rendition of “Three Smelly Skunks.” Her class performed it at their school talent show, and it’s really cute.

Here are a few photos as well:

2013-05-24 09.17.25

2013-06-19 17.09.47

2013-05-25 16.33.57

2013-05-25 16.34.30

2013-06-02 10.28.38


 - by Gretel

Evelyn is two!

 - by Gretel

Our littlest girl turned two on Friday!  Unfortunately for her, she was on day three of a three-day fever.  We gave lots of hugs and cuddles for the day itself, and spent Saturday morning celebrating.

Evelyn enjoyed the proceedings quite a bit.  We had three grandparents on skype/facetime/etc with us, but Grandma Ann unfortunately had technical difficulties due to some downed lines in her neighborhood.  Still, we enjoyed the fact that Grandma Sue, Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Laurel could join us for presents and cake.

Since Evelyn can’t eat wheat products, we spent the early morning frosting gluten-free cupcakes.  I’ve subscribed to a magazine called Living Without that has lots of advice and recipes for gluten- and dairy-intolerant folks.  The dairy free buttercream was delightful, and the cake was dense, but moist.

2012-11-10 09.07.03

My little helpers, with Ilyana handling the sprinkles, and Evelyn looking on.

2012-11-10 09.07.19

Action shot!  We missed Evelyn scooping frosting OFF one of the cupcakes and on to her test plate.


The digital visitors.  Thank goodness we had three devices to use.

The full set of present pictures can be found HERE, but I’ll put a few highlights below.  She also wouldn’t look at the camera much, so sorry for all the behind shots.


Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Laurel got a cool bath set (the boat behind Evelyn), a fire truck with stacking shapes, and some additional people to play with.  Evelyn has been zooming the truck around the living room, and the boat was a big hit in the bath tonight.


Grandma Sue’s card was a huge hit, since it has the Yo Gabba Gabba characters on it.  Evelyn got very excited that she recognized the characters.  The train set and cars that were her gifts are now a permanent fixture on the living room rug. Both Ilyana and Evelyn love running the cars around the track.

2012-11-11 07.46.06

Grandma Ann sent a beautiful wooden doll bed with a home-made cover.  Evelyn loves putting her new baby doll to sleep in it.

2012-11-11 14.55.43

And has also tried getting in herself…


The baby doll from us elicited one of Evelyn’s rare sentences.  She said happily, “Oh, it’s a baby!”  Ilyana is relieved that Evelyn is no longer going after HER plastic baby doll.


Cake was also a hit, to our delight.  Evelyn didn’t care much for cake last year.

My favorite moment was when she was first figuring out how to eat it.  I’ll let you guess after watching the little video below.

Happy Birthday, Evelyn!